A Message From Incoming President: Gay Wathen

WOW…what a crazy time we are living in! The entire world came to a screeching halt for a period of time due to the Covid pandemic and now we are not sure what the new “normal” will look like. Oil prices also declined and added another level of frustration to those that work in the energy industry. Again, we are faced with reorganizations, consolidations, bankruptcies and those that have just fought it for the last time and decided to shut the doors. But…we are resilient, and this is “not our first rodeo!” Seems that every time we have a down-turn we learn a different set of skills on how to do more with less.

The AESC had a Zoom Meeting to swear in the Officers for 2021-2022 which was a first for the Association. I am also honored to serve as the first Associate Member to be President of the AESC and there are now 4 women serving on the Executive Committee. Times in the Oil Patch have definitely changed!

We may not get to see each other in person but positive things are happening behind the scenes with the AESC Committees. The Well Control Committee has been working to get an Accredited program to help the service companies train the employees to the Well Servicing needs in a manner that is tailored to their specific well servicing operations. This one program will save the companies thousands of dollars in training and downtime of the employees, and more importantly, provide them with tools in the field that can potentially keep employees and assets safe. The HSE Committee is looking for help on the revision of the Green Book among other current projects. The Marketing and Industry Committee is needing more content and ideas for social media to spread the word of the good things happening in the AESC. The Technical Committee is focused on collecting credible data on rig counts by capacity and region. The Well Servicing Magazine Committee is looking for articles to publish in the upcoming editions. This is just a sampling of subject matter that you could get involved with and make a difference.  I encourage anyone who wants to participate on a committee to contact either myself or the AESC National office.

I would like to thank Mark Gjovig for his leadership in serving as the AESC President for 2019-2020. He was not given the proper “send-off” at the Summer Meeting so there will be an official Installation of Officers and President’s Reception at the Winter Meeting in February. As a side note, 2021 is also the 65th Anniversary of the Association of Energy Service Companies and we are looking forward to honoring all the Past Presidents at the 2021 Winter Meeting at Lake Conroe.

Times are tough and we all have different challenges in our businesses and home lives, but we are stronger together and I want to encourage you to stay involved and active in this association. We are that dysfunctional family that makes a difference when we stand as ONE!! Please stay safe and God bless each and every one of you!

Gay Wathen

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