CEO’S PERSPECTIVE: Telling Your Company’s Story

Leslie Beyer

By Leslie Beyer, CEO, Energy Workforce & Technology Council


We’re pleased to share the first issue of Well Servicing Magazine since the merger of PESA and AESC to form the Energy Workforce & Technology Council. This edition focuses on one of the most critical issues for energy services and technology companies: ESG. As you will see in the pages that follow, wherever your company is on setting ESG priorities, the Council and your fellow members are invaluable resources to support your efforts.

ESG provides a framework to think about key industry issues, including energy transition, emerging technologies, sustainability, health and safety, environmental performance, and our changing workforce due to automation, digitalization and machine learning. The array of ESG reporting criteria may seem intimidating, but at its most basic level, ESG is an opportunity for each company to tell its own story about stewardship of the environment, communities and people.

As society and the industry recover from effects of the pandemic, demand for energy is rising and the market for oil and natural gas is improving. With the steady news of service companies deploying innovative technologies that increase efficiency while reducing emissions, we are at the threshold of a transformation of the energy industry.

We’re excited to relaunch the magazine to usher in a new era for the Council by building on the legacy of excellence established through the years. Council Co-Chairs Rod Larson and Gay Wathen share their perspectives on what makes this new association an even stronger voice for your company, the sector and the industry. In this edition, and the ones to follow, readers will receive market intelligence, legislative and regulatory updates, and have the opportunity to learn from the perspectives of companies engaged in shared sector issues.

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